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October 21, 2012
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Combo Lock: Aesther by Karousel-k Combo Lock: Aesther by Karousel-k

For :iconcombo-lock:

Reference and Judgement form here: Aesther + Judgement I by Karousel-k

If you'd like to RP then please feel free to note me or comment! I RP through skype/notes/comments.

[Date Update] Character Info//

Name: Aesther
Level: 9
Age: 533
DOB: December 1st
Gender: Female
Race: Khadroman
Division: Knight

"Watch yourself."
"Only the righteous will prevail."
"The world is a dangerous place, you know."

Although Aesther has a rather stoic and serious demeanor, she is far from emotionless. While she is compassionate and loyal, she often appears quite nonchalant and indifferent, and does not show much of what she feels. It is not a case of hiding her feelings, but rather, not expressing as evidently as others. However, when her emotions do come through, they can at times be almost overbearing. As a companion she is gentle and soft-spoken, though fierce and relentless to her enemies. She greatly admires those who are brave and valorous.

- Those who show courage or bravery,
- Loyalty
- Good manners
- Tea

- When others misunderstand her or take her the wrong way
- Having her tails stepped on
- Disrespect
- Loud noises

Talents: She is exceptionally fast and very nimble, making her great at acrobatics.

Bio: Born to a Knight and a Maiden, as an only child Aesther spent a great deal of her childhood with her Maiden mother, eagerly awaiting for her father’s return each time he would venture out onto the field. Whenever he came home, he would tell her of his battles and dangerous encounters, and even when he was away, she would listen to her mother tell her stories of her father’s bravery. As a young girl, Aesther wanted nothing more than to be just like her father who she idolized so much. To her delight, she discovered that despite her small stature, she was very strong – and very fast. Capable of physical feats that one would think a girl of her size would not be able to achieve, Aesther very quickly decided that her path was that of a knight – just like her father.

Under the guidance of her father and the encouragement of her mother, Aesther grew to be a skilled and valiant warrior, joining the ranks of the knight division alongside her father. Focused and disciplined, she is extremely committed to her role as a knight, and to becoming the hero that she always envisioned her father to be.

- She has two tails.
- She is quite small, roughly 4ft tall.
- Her judgement form may activate when she experiences intense anger or hatred.
- Despite the divine wings when her judgement form is active, she cannot fly.
- Because of her animal-like attributes, she has quite a strong affinity with most animals.
- Due to her large, fox-like ears, she has an enhanced sense of hearing.

[Update] Inventory//

Prior Ownership:
Store Bought:

[Log Sequence] Battling//

Contract Availability: In contract with Yulion Hydaelyn.
CL: Yulion Hydaelyn by Fortranica

[ACE] Judgement: During battle, Aesther's judgement form is activated, causing her eyes to glow and wings of divine light to appear on her back. This form allows her to focus her power in order to fight to her full extent. In extreme or dire circumstances, she may reach a higher level of her Judgement form, sharply increasing her attack and crit rate and devastating her enemies. In her higher Judgement form, her wings expand into larger, fiery tendrils of light, but this form only lasts very briefly and drains all of her remaining power, often causing her to experience extreme fatigue or to collapse. [15 hour cooldown on level 2 Judgement form]

[Combat][1] Accipiter Visionem - Increased precision and movement speed, dodge/miss +20%, critical +14% for 1 hour. (30mins cooldown)
[Electricity][3] Ictus Levis - User electrifies his fists/legs to give extra damage on the target.
[Combat] [4] Crepitus Solum - AoE spell, hits every target within a 15m. area. ( 5min cooldown) *Damage output based on Attack. *5 Targets MAX
[Combat][1] Vita Ascendit - Increased Health for two hours.
[Air][3] Scaccario - User thickens the air in horizontal and vertical lines, sending the pattern towards the target. *Damage output depends on user's base Magic.
[Electricity][4] Terram Offensio - Electricity runs from user's body onto the ground, hitting 1 target and locking their body in place for 10secs. (2min cooldown)
[Fire][4] Coeo Meridiem - A self healing spell. Efficiency depends on user's Magic output and mental or physical state.
[Fire][4] Incaedium - A blast of fire is sent to scorch the land and burn foes in the radius (25 feet). [Burns take 15% health every 5 minutes after being inflicted; Allies caught in the attack may also sustain damage.]

Weapon: Twin swords - "Justice & Mercy"

HP: 450
MGK: 280
ATK: 680
DEF: 390
SPD: 920

Battling Style: Aesther is quick and agile on the battlefield. Due to her small stature, she is very fast and can dodge and maneuver with ease. However, this also means that she cannot sustain hard hitting blows. Although she is very strong, in order to compliment her fast-paced movement, she wields a pair of twin swords to give her a faster attack speed.


[Main Theme]…
[Battle Theme]…
[Sad Theme]…
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Youkai-Meimi Nov 28, 2013  Student General Artist
She's so cute!! I'd love to RP one day with you when your free~
Karousel-k Dec 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thank you! >w< :heart: Oh definitely! I think for the most part notes are preferable for me cause I'm pretty slow XD
But I don't mind skype either if you would prefer that! 
Youkai-Meimi Dec 3, 2013  Student General Artist
Skype is fine~ my name is Youkai-Meimi
PiruuPierrot Nov 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congrats! You have reached LVL 9! You Lucky dog you~!
You may add +640 SP to your current numbers below!

HP: 360
MGK: 200
ATK: 525 
DEF: 330
SPD: 665
TOTAL: 2080

Your total will be 2720, Please reply with freshly smoked up stats! :icondojimathumbsupplz:
Karousel-k Dec 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
HP: 450
MGK: 280
ATK: 680
DEF: 390
SPD: 920
PiruuPierrot Dec 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Perfect~! Added~!
Great job. One day I wish to draw as well as you and the others and join you in combo
Karousel-k Nov 25, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Awww my gosh, thank you very much! QuQ :heart:
Your welcome. Keep up the good work.
Something Happened!  


          Aesther happens upon a fox creature with it's tail caught in a hunter's trap. 

                     - Free It? 

                     - Leave It? 


This is a random event from the Mods, and Mod Assistants of %combo-lock.  Please reply with your character's decision if you wish! 
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